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Mozilla Firefox Download

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The award-winning Firefox Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online needs. Start the Firefox Download now and get the best out of the net.

Firefox is free

You get the browser free on the internet. Everything you need to do is to start the Firefox Download. A small download that is worth and will bring a lot of fun. This browser application is free and comes from the Mozilla Application Suite. Mozilla Firefox is a pure browser - it has been removed from the suite with mail program, address books, or HTML editors to overload. This makes it so fast and lean.

Easy to Use

Through its well organized and intuitive user interface, and the
menu navigation the Firefox browser is ideal for beginners. A fresh install with no extensions shows immediately the clear navigation and
improved button placement.

Automatic Recovery

In Firefox, all sessions will be finally saved, if the Browser should crash some times. All tabs are back after a reboot and even sessions at sites will be restored. But, all this should happen relatively infrequently,
because the browser is very stable and secure.

Automatic Updates

The automatic software update from Firefox keeps your Installation always up to date - and that really automatically. This ensures that you always have the latest Version of the Firefox browser in use. You can choose whether you rather be notified when new updates are available or that Updates are installed automatically in the background. This is really simple!

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection takes internet safety to a new level. Important private information is protected. When you access a suspected web page (known as "Phishing" site) Firefox will warn you.

Mozilla Firefox Download


No more dozens of browser windows! Firefox comes with tabbing like on your desktop, as all open Pages within one browser window using tabs. In the latest version, you can even accidentally closed tabs to restore. Firefox also provides an automatic function which enables comfortable handling of many tabs.


The built-in popup blocker of Firefox blocks unwanted pop-ups and unwanted advertising. Together with the Mozilla extension AdBlock Plus, you can turn your Firefox browser almost free of advertising.

Blocking unwanted scripts

JavaScript is ofeten used to do unpleasant things, pop-ups and display advertising and redirect pages. With the extension NoScript JavaScript can be blocked and will be released for individual pages.

Supports the next generation of the Internet

Firefox supports advanced web technologies (CSS, AJAX). So your internet experience is even better.

Firefox Download

The original versions of Mozilla Firefox are available as a download for
Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.